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Finished My First FreeCodeCamp Zipline!

17 Dec 2015
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As you might be aware, I am currently working my way though the course on FreeCodeCamp. FreeCodeCamp is a online, completely free web development course. It teaches you HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript and more. The tasks that the course gives you are split into three different types: Way points (small tasks made for the user to learn how to learn programming concepts), Bonfires (programming challenges such as reversing a string or translating english to pig latin) and Ziplines (projects that take a considerable amount of time to complete.)

The first zipline that I completed is called 'Personal Portfolio'. With this zipline, I was tasked with creating a one page website using bootstrap. The website had to fulfill certain requirements, such as having a navigation bar, clickable thumbnails of projects and links to social media. I believe I did pretty well with the project. I achieved all the requirements required and learnt a lot about bootstrap. For example, I though that a site built in bootstrap had to be all contained within a container class. Through this project, however, I discovered you can have multiple containers to seperate different sections of the page.

If you want to see the full site, click here or have a look at the source code.